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Services and pricing

What we offer:

We offer CDL Training for Kansas, Missouri, and other states. CDL Quick Training, LLC will provide you with an easy to drive 6-speed synchronized full manual tractor with full air brakes and a 30' flatbed trailer for your practice and DOT test. Our truck does not require double clutching, it shifts just like your pick-up truck.

Pre-Trip Inspection:

Kevin, our instructor, has been trucking since 1999. He will show you exactly what you need to know to pass the pre-trip inspection. One to three students per class gives you the opportunity to ask questions and be well informed on all working parts of the truck and trailer.

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Skills Test:

Our driving test area setup with cones will be exactly like the DOT test. You will be able to practice this part of the test and feel confident in parking.

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There will be an opportunity towards the end of practice set aside for driving the actual route on public roads with our truck. Our CDL Quick Training, LLC instructor will ride with you to point out the skills and what you should know to safely operate trucks on public highways.


New pricing effective October 1st, 2023.

3 Days

Experienced Tier

-Knows manual transmission

-Can back trailer


Deposit: $750.00

Due 1st day of training: $1,000.00

5 Days

Entry Level Tier

-Needs to learn manual transmission and/or backing trailer


Deposit: $750.00

Due 1st day of training: $1,750.00

Extra practice is available at an additional cost in advance of your appointment.

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